Emergency AC Repair in Brandon, MS

Living in the southern part of the country can be brutal in the summer with temperatures exceeding the 100-degree mark. With temperatures getting that high, air conditioning is pretty much a requirement where I live. Air conditioning is something most folks take for granted and don’t give it a second thought. That is until it stops working. This happened to me last year and I had to find a company that provided emergency ac repair in Brandon, MS. This was not an easy task as most HVAC companies were booked up for weeks in advance.

My persistence paid off and I found one such company that would come out after normal business hours and take a look at my air conditioning unit. I knew this was going to cost a little extra but knew it would be worth it as it was still in the 90’s at 5:00 PM. I patiently waited and they eventually showed up around 6:30. They immediately went out back to check the ac unit and found no problems out there. They then came inside to make sure the thermostat was working properly. Continue Reading “Emergency AC Repair in Brandon, MS”